About the League of Arab States | Secretary General

    Ahmed Aboul Gheit

    Ahmed Aboul Gheit was elected Secretary-General of the League of Arab States on 11 March 2016 and succeeds Nabil El-Arabi.

    For more information about Ahmed Aboul Gheit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmed_Aboul_Gheit

    Functions of the Secretary General

    The Secretary General, elected by the Council of the Arab League, as supervisor of the Secretariat General performs the following administrative and political functions:

    Administrative and technical functions: follow up the implementation of the resolutions of the Council and of the Committees; fix the date of the sessions and convene the meetings of the Council and of the Permanent Committees; prepare the budget of the Arab League.

    Political functions: attend the meetings of the Council; make reports and declarations on the subjects discussed by the Council; draw the attention of the Council or member states to important subjects; represent the Arab League in international organisations; speak on behalf of the Arab League; orient public opinion.

    Previous Secretaries General

    Nabil El-Arabi 

    Amr Moussa 

    Ahmed Asmat Abdel-Meguid 

    Chedli Klibi 

    Mahmoud Riad 

    Abdul Khalek Hassouna 

    Abdul Rahman Azzam