About the League of Arab States | Activities

The League of Arab States acts in close accordance with its 22 member states.

The League is active in the political, economic, social, environmental and communication fields, with a specific sector dedicated to Palestinian issues. Its activities are intended to facilitate coordination between member states and to represent the interests of the Arab World in all relevant international fora. The League attaches great importance to matters pertaining to dialogue between civilisations and to promoting cultural relations, based on international values of justice and equality of societies, and to strengthening cooperation and consultation between organisations with mutual interests.

The MWNF website focuses on those activities of the League of Arab States that are of direct relevance to the partnership with MWNF.

Arab Expatriates Department

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Cultural Department

The League of Arab States works in cooperation with UNESCO, ALECSO and ISESCO to strengthen cultural relations between Arab and foreign countries, and also aims to promote cultural cooperation between Arab countries. Within this framework it develops a range of cultural projects such as strengthening the Arabic language in the Arab world, protecting cultural heritage in Arab countries, promoting translation into Arabic (through the Higher Institute of Arabic Translation in Algiers) and developing specific tools to facilitate access to information available in Arabic.

The Arab League and ALECSO are preparing the Ministerial Conference to be held during the Arab Cultural Summit that is due to take place during 2011.


Name: Dr. Mohamed SOUFI, director 
Email: msss99@hotmail.com
Phone: +20 2 5750511-17

Dialogue of Civilisations Department

The department is in charge of creating links and bridges between the Muslim world and the West. The department seeks to explore the roots of polarisation between societies and cultures today, and to recommend a practical programme of actions to address this issue. Programmes are implemented in four fields which are: Education, Youth, Migration and Media.


Name: Minister Plenipotentiary Samia BIBARS, Director 
Email: samiabibars5000@hotmail.com
Phone: +20 2 5750511-17

Education and Scientific Research Department

The Education and Scientific Research Department was founded in 2004 with the aim of developing education and scientific research strategies and coordinating policies for education reform and quality assurance, keeping pace with regional and international developments. Its tasks include coordination and cooperation with specialised Arab organisations on related education and scientific research issues, following up the implementation of Arab Summits' decisions related to this field and preparing reports to the Arab Summits in this regard. The department also follows up regional and international educational and scientific research development and collaborates with regional and international organisations and bodies working in the same field in organising seminars, conferences, etc. aimed at education development at all levels.


Name: Magda ZAKI, Minister Plenipoteniary 
Email: magda.zaki@las.int; eltoulouny@gmail.com
Phone: +20 2 5750511-17, +20 22 7738109

Transportation and Tourism Department

The Tourism section is responsible for developing cooperation between Arab countries in all fields of the tourism sector, working with the World Tourism Organisation and the Arab Tourism Organisation in a range of activities. As well as promoting intra-regional tourism between Arab countries and increasing the Arab region’s share of the international inbound tourism market, it also promotes tourism through international fora in which the League of Arab States takes part. The Tourism section also represents the technical secretariat of the Arab Ministerial Tourism Council created in 1998, which meets once a year, and its executive bureau twice a year.


Email: tratou.dept@las.int
Phone: +20 2 25750511
Fax: +20 2 25766404