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Important Legal Notice

When used in this Legal Notice the following capitalised terms will have the meaning as set forth hereinafter:

'Museum': means both Museum Ohne Grenzen e.V., an international non profit association incorporated under Austrian Law, and the Consortium.
'Consortium': means the consortium of museums, public or private companies, institutions or entities and physical persons set up in view of the development, management and exploitation of the Website and Virtual Museum, and coordinated by Museum Ohne Grenzen.
'Member(s)': means the member(s) of the Consortium.
'Website': means the website of the Consortium hosting and containing the Virtual Museum and all other sections and services that can be accessed through the Website.
'Virtual Museum': means the Virtual Museum displayed on the Website.
'Visitor(s)': means the visitor(s) of the Website.
'Content': means all images, texts, software, documentation, data, image-, audio- and video files, animations and any kind of information displayed on the Website.
'Trademarks': means all trademarks, service marks, and logos displayed on the Website.
'‘Palestine*': means 'Palestine* - Occupied Palestinian Territory, West Bank and Gaza Strip'