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The Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) is the main body of the Ministry of Antiquities. The SCA was established in 1859 as the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, changed by presidential decree no. 28 1992 to the SCA. It is responsible for overseeing all matters relating to the cultural heritage of Egypt including the safety, administration, protection, conservation and documentation of the cultural heritage as well as research and media representation. Services for enforcing these tasks are carried out in six sectors, covering all administrative, financial, legal, technical, engineering and scientific needs. The six sectors are: the General Secretariat, the Egyptology and Greek-Roman department, the Department of Coptic and Islamic Antiquities, Financial Support, Museums and Projects.

The highest authority in the SCA is the supervisory board, which acts as the governing body. President of the SCA is the Minister of Antiquities (previously the president was the Minister of Culture), which is the only legal representative of sectors of the SCA. The directors of the six sectors make up the executive body of the supervisory board, as permanent members. The General Secretariat is the executive director of the sectors of the SCA.

The General Secretariat established the Department of Models, which is responsible for reproducing replicas of the Egyptian antiquities such as the Tut Ankh Amun collections. The department is located in the citadel, with a branch in the building of the Ministry of Antiquities. Lecture and conference halls are located in the building of the Ministry of Antiquities in addition to the other halls that are located in the building of the SCA: the Egyptian, Islamic and Coptic museums.

Address 1:
Ministry of Antiquities
Al Adel Abou Bakr Street, 3
Zamalek, Cairo

Address 2:
Supreme Council of Antiquities
Fakhri Abdel Nour Street, 14
Abbasia, Cairo

T +20 2 2735 8761
F +20 2 2735 7239

Director General, Department of International Organizations for Culture Heritage
Shadia Mahmoud
T +20 1111028045
F +20 2 2735 4533

Director, Documentation Department
Mohamed Hassan
T +20 2 2735 8761
F +20 2 2735 7239

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