MWNF Galleries invite exploration of the universal language of cultural heritage as the key for understanding and respect. A continuously growing Database feeds a constantly updated set of Galleries.

Artefacts contributed by partners from different countries and representing different civilisations are gathered in thematic collections, witnessing a great variety of artistic expressions and a multitude of perceptions.

Visitors are able to sort the artefacts on display according to different criteria and to carry out searches in the database of a specific Gallery or in the overall Galleries Database. Results will be listed chronologically.

We hope you will enjoy exploring MWNF Galleries and look forward to your feedback through our Visitors Book.

Getting involved
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MWNF Galleries build on and develop the Database of the MWNF Virtual Museums:

Discover Islamic Art & Explore Islamic Art Collections
The Discover Islamic Art Virtual Museum and Virtual Exhibitions present the Islamic heritage of the Mediterranean basin, alongside collections of Islamic art hosted by the participating museums. New partners continue to enrich the Discover Islamic Art Database by adding new items within the follow-up project Explore Islamic Art Collections.

Discover Baroque Art
The Discover Baroque Art Virtual Museum and Virtual Exhibitions explore the cultural environment of European Baroque, putting the spotlight on less familiar highlights of Baroque art and architecture, alongside universally known masterpieces.

Sharing History
The Sharing History Virtual Museum and Virtual Exhibitions address Arab–Ottoman–European relations in the 19th century from the specific perspectives of all parties, offering the first Database to document this period of common history.