National Museum of Romanticism

Madrid, Spain


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The Romantic Museum was created by the 2nd Marquis de la Vega Inclán (1858–1942) and donated to the state in 1921.

The building was built in 1776 by architect Manuel Rodriguez. The museum opened in 1924 with its founder’s artworks augmented by donations, such as paintings by Alenza donated by the Marquis de Cerralbo, and items belonging to several great writers.

The museum became a meeting place for intellectuals. During the Civil War, its importance was highlighted by the appointment of the iconic literary figure Rafael Alberti as director. Over the years, the collection has been enriched by purchases, donations and deposits.

The Romantic Museum closed in 2001 for complete renovation, reopening in 2009, with a new name, the Museum of Romanticism, more in line with its contents.

Calle San Mateo, 13
28004 Madrid
T +34 914 481 045; 914 480 163
F +34 914 456 940

Curator / Department of Collections
Carolina Miguel Arroyo
T +34 910 505 547
F +34 914 456 940

Curator / Department of Collections
Laura González Vidales
T +34 910 505 544
F +34 914 456 940

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