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Name of Object:

Pearling Scales Case


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (Sharjah)

Holding Museum:

Sharjah Maritime Museum / Sharjah Museums Department


Hegira 1280 / AD 1863

Type of object:

Copper alloy pearling scales case



Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Copper alloy


Length 105 mm, depth 50 mm


Sharjah Emirate


Pearling scales were an essential tool for any pearl merchant. All aspects of a pearl’s physical appearance – its shape, hue, perfection, size and indeed weight all determined its value and saleability. This copper alloy case for pearling scales is of the characteristic type common in the pearling industry throughout the Gulf. It combines a very slightly pointed, circular section designed to receive the two small bowls of the scales, with a narrow elongated section to contain the balance, with the scales's strings carefully wound around it for storage. This example is particularly interesting in that it appears to give the name of the merchant and the date 1280 H/ 1863 AD.

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