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Name of Object:

Portrait of Carlo Broschi called Farinelli


Bologna, Italy

Holding Museum:

Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica


c. 1755

Type of object:



Corrado Domenico Nicolò Antonio Giaquinto (8th February 1703, Molfetta (BA)-1766, Naples)

Period of activity:

c. 1727–1765

Museum Inventory Number:

B 39188

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas

Place of production:



275,5 x 185,5 cm

Workshop / Movement:

Neapolitan Baroque


Farinelli’s Villa, once in via Lame 228, Bologna


This painting is a portrait of the world famous soprano castrate singer Carlo Broschi whose stage name was Farinelli. He is wearing a cape of the order of Calatrava as in 1750 he was made a Knight of this important Spanish order by the king of Spain Ferdinand VI. The singer touches a page of music laid on the cembalo with his left hand. In the background, oval portraits of the King of Spain and his queen, Maria Barbara di Braganza, are surrounded by a tripudium of nymphs and cupids. There is also a self-portrait of the painter, Corrado Giaquinto. The portrait was part of Farinelli’s rich collection of paintings decorating his villa in Bologna, where he retired after a long stay at the court of Madrid (1737–1759).

Original Owner:

Maria Carlotta Pisani, Farinelli’s niece, bequest

How Object was obtained:

Presented to the Comune di Bologna in 1850 by Maria Carlotta Pisani, the niece of Farinelli.

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