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Name of Object:



Istanbul, Turkey

Holding Museum:

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Painting and Sculpture Museum



Type of object:



Halil Pasha (1857, Istanbul-1939, Istanbul)

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas


113.5x100.5 cm




The basics of Turkish Painting Art which draw influence from western tradition was laid in Naval Academy opened in 1795. In the period of II.Selim, painting lessons were delivered at the school which was mentioned above. And the course attendees were sent abroad after for developing their painting techniques and skills. These painters who were known as the soldier painters worked in Gerome’s, Cabanel’s and Boulanger’s workshops in Paris. Halil Pasha provided a unique distinction to the analysis of impressionist light and color, was an example of painting artists dealed with empressionist technique. Because of his qualified knowledge about anatomy and his interest in depicting the human figure Halil Paşa had a unique place in Turkish Art History.

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