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Name of Object:

Still-life with Calligraphic Panel


Istanbul, Turkey

Holding Museum:

Sabancı University, Sakıp Sabancı Museum


Beginning of the 20th century

Type of object:



Feyhaman Duran (1886, Istanbul-1970, Istanbul)

Museum Inventory Number:

SSM 200-0254

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas


64 x 94.5 cm




Feyhaman Duran was particularly interested in portrait painting and went to Paris in 1910 through the patronage of the Egyptian Prince Abbas Halim Pasha to further his studies in this genre. He greatly profited from the teaching of Paul Richet, professor of anatomy in the School of Fine Arts in Paris. He also attended the Julian Academy where he learned a great deal from Jean-Paul and Albert Laurens. In 1913-14 he worked in the Cormon studio in the School of Fine Arts. Although devoting most of his time to portrait painting Feyhaman Duran also did paintings of flowers and nudes, but he was definitely most interested in the portrayal of people, and he had very little time for non-figurative painting.

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