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Name of Object:

Pair of still lives


Imola, Bologna, Italy

Holding Museum:

Museo di San Domenico



Type of object:



Francesco Codino (Franz Godin)

Period of activity:

First decades of the seventeenth century

Museum Inventory Number:

inv. n. 59; 60

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas


39 x 54 cm

Workshop / Movement:





This pair of paintings are from the collection of the Counts Calderini from Imola. In 1878, they were bequest to the municipality along with other works of art by Count Vincenzo. They were clearly pendants. On the table in the foreground fruit, flowers and dead birds are displayed. This follows the still life style of German and Flemish tables as human traces are practically absent. These two pictures by Codino depict objects showing the social status of the owner such as the highly valuable ceramics alongside symbols which allude to the fragility of human things. Flowers for example with their short life invite a meditation on time passing. Codino’s style strongly mimics reality, with an objective and clear filing of artificial and natural objects. The two works can be connected with the German still life school, namely to the production of Soreau and Peter Binoit, for the repeated repertory of objects and for the representation of the picture plane from a very near point of view.

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Original Owner:

Calderini collection

How date and origin were established:

The name Francesco Codino (Italian translation from the German Franz Godin) and the date are inscribed on the lower left in the painting bearing inventory n. 59: “F.o C.[no] 16[31]”.

How Object was obtained:

Both pictures come as bequests from the collection of the Counts Calderini, from Imola.

Selected bibliography:

Pedrini, C. Catalogo della Pinacoteca di Imola, Bologna, 1988, pp. 172-173.

Additional Copyright Information:

Copyright image: Archivio fotografico Musei Civici di Imola.

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