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Name of Object:

Planispheric astrolabe


Doha, Qatar

Holding Museum:

Museum of Islamic Art


Hegira 374 / AD 984-985

Type of object:

Scientific instrument, metalwork

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Period / Dynasty:



Iran or Iraq


This planispheric astrolabe was, as an inscription on its back states, made by Hamid ibn al-Khidr al-Khujandi, an eminent astronomer and mathematician at the court of the Buyid ruler Fakhr al-Dawla (r. AH 366-387 /AD 977-997). The rete of this particular astrolabe has markers for 33 stars, six of which are shown by the beaks of stylised birds. Markings on the back suggest that it may have been designed for use in Baghdad, possibly by another member of the Buyid family.

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