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Name of Object:

A Portrait of a European, after Jacques de Gheyn's print 'Terra'


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holding Museum:

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia


c. Hegira 995-1010 / c. AD 1595-1610

Type of object:

Miniature painting

Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Gouache on paper


21.9 x 16.7cm

Period / Dynasty:



Indian subcontinent


This miniature painting depicted an image of a European soldier made by Mughal artist around 17th century. The original image is based on a European print by Dutch printmaker Jacques de Gheyn (1565–1629). This painting which is made with gouache on paper technique showing a European with fair skin colour in European style of clothes holding a long object, probably a weapon such as a spear or gun. At the margin of the painting inscribed the word ‘awwal’, possibly indicating the grade of the painting and at the back with Mughal seals impressions. The fondness to European prints was common in Mughal court. Emperors such as Akbar and later Jahangir were among the collectors of European prints.

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