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Name of Object:

Minto Album


Dublin, Ireland

Holding Museum:

The Chester Beatty Library


Hegira c. 1020-50 / AD 1612–40

Type of object:


Museum Inventory Number:

CBL In 07A

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Coloured pigments and gold on paper


38.9 x 27.2 cm

Period / Dynasty:





The Minto Album is a collection of forty, now loose folios, divided between the Chester Beatty Library (nineteen) and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (twenty-one). It includes some of the finest Mughal paintings ever produced and consists mainly of standing portraits of emperors and other individuals important at court. The paintings included here depict Jahangir (r. 1605–27) holding a globe, Shah Jahan (r. 1627–58) in an orange robe, Shah Jahan and his sons, Mu‘in al-Din Chisti, spiritual guide of the Mughals, and a religious scholar identified by inscription as Muhammad Riza Kashmiri. The magnificent floral borders that surround each painting are as impressive as the paintings themselves.

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