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Mulay Hassan, Sultan of Tunis, died 1550


Vienna, Austria

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Kunsthistorisches Museum



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Paper on carton

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This portrait of Mulay Hassan, the Sultan of Tunis, is based on either a painting in the Uffizi Galleries or its now-lost prototype that was once in the collection of portraits assembled by Paolo Giovio. All of them seem to be based on a portrait of the sultan by Cornelisz Vermeyen, the Netherlandish artist who had accompanied Charles V on his Tunisian campaign in 1535. The latter was the emperor’s response to the capture of the city by the Ottoman admiral, Hayreddin Barbarossa, which had forced the emperor’s ally, Mulay Hassan, to flee to Spain.

From the collection of over 900 portraits that Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol (1529–1595) began to assemble in 1576. The small paintings come from a variety of sources and depict both famous historical and contemporary personalities.

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