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Name of Object:

Sultan Süleyman II in profile


Vienna, Austria

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Kunsthistorisches Museum


After AD 1543

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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas

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Italy, Venice


This portrait of the Ottoman Sultan Süleyman (AH 900–974/ AD 1494/5–1566) is generally attributed to Titian’s circle, mainly because of the inscription on the back of the painting. No original portrait of Süleyman by Titian has survived, but inventories document four portraits by him, among them two tentatively identified as portraits in profile. Comparison with other recorded portrait-types of Süleyman shows that its genesis is connected with a prototype disseminated by Paolo Giovio (AD 1483–1552) after 1543, when he commissioned a number of copies of portraits of sultans for his portrait collection at Como. This year marks the terminus post quem for this painting.

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