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Name of Object:

Bust of Cardinal Domenico Ginnasi


Rome, Italy

Holding Museum:

Borghese Gallery



Type of object:



Giuliano Finelli (1602–3, Massa (Massa–Carrara)-1653, Rome)

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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Statuary marble


h: 68 cm


Carmelite Convent in Santa Maria della Vittoria


In 1911 the bust was found in the Carmelite Convent at the Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, relocated from the Church of SS. Pietro e Marcellino, the seat of the Teresian Nuns. The nuns moved there in 1757, from the convent founded after the death of Domenico Ginnasi in Palazzo Ginnasi in 1639, and they took the bust with them, having always identified it as a portrait of the cardinal.
The work was first attributed to both Bernini and Algardi, before being linked to Giuliano Finelli following comparison with the bust the sculptor made for the cardinal for his funeral monument at S. Lucia dei Ginnasi (the decoration is based on a design by Lanfranco, whose daughter married Finelli).
The sculptor worked with Bernini on several occasions, notably on Apollo and Daphne in the Galleria Borghese and the baldachin (large sculpted bronze canopy over the altar) of Saint Peter's. He worked alone from 1629 and joined Rome's artistic circle thanks to the numerous contacts that he was able to make, notably Pietro da Cortona, who in turn introduced him to the Sacchetti family, well known patrons.
His style is characterised by attention to detail, intense skill and psychological depth, but always retaining spontaneity and immediacy, a peculiarity of Bernini's so-called “talking portrait”. The partially unbuttoned mozzetta (a short elbow length cape worn by Catholic clergy), the kindly and informal face and the realistic lines are clear evidence of this style.
In relation to this, a Bust of Cardinal Scipione Borghese made by Finelli and currently in the Metropolitan Museum of New York, was sculpted at the same time as the Bernini version (1632). In 1634 Finelli moved to Naples, where he developed a portrait style closer to Parthenopean and Spanish taste, preferring distant, official, commemorative portraits. However in the work undertaken at this time for Roman clients, he never completely abandoned his refined virtuosity and keen psychological study, as can be seen in the bust of Cardinal Ginnasi, sculpted in 1639.

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Current Owner:

Italian State

Original Owner:

Carmelite Sisters, Palazzo Ginnasi Convent (?)

How Object was obtained:

Carmelite Convent in Santa Maria della Vittoria, 1911.

Selected bibliography:

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