Name of Object:

The Four Continents


Zagreb, Zagreb County, Croatia

Holding Museum:

Museum of Arts and Crafts



Type of object:

Allegorical figures



Museum Inventory Number:

MUO 19861–19864

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Unpainted porcelain group

Place of production:



H: 19 cm; w: 18.5 cm; base: h: 15 cm; w: 10 cm

Workshop / Movement:

Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna


On a low scalloped base, with relief decoration, are four female figures – allegories of the four continents. Europe, presented as the Ruler, is on horseback and has one leg resting on a globe. At her feet are an open book, a lute, fasces and a scroll. Africa, seated on a lion, holds an elephant's tusk in her right hand with smaller tusks and snakes at her feet. Asia, seated on a camel, has one leg on a pumpkin; alongside the pumpkin is a vessel from which smoke is rising. America is an American Indian on the back of a crocodile. She holds an eagle in her left hand, her right foot resting on decapitated human head on the ground. All the figures are marked with the imprinted seal of the Viennese porcelain manufactory (the Austrian shield) and the mark bossierer (M).

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How date and origin were established:

By the imprinted seal of the Viennese porcelain manufactory and stylistic analysis.

How Object was obtained:

From the Erwin Weiss Collection, Zagreb.

Selected bibliography:

Od svagdana do blagdana. Barok u Hrvatskoj. Katalog izložbe (From Everyday to Holidays: Baroque in Croatia), exhibition catalogue, Zagreb, 1993, pp.  274–275.
Staničić, S., Porculan. Meissen-Beč. Zbirka keramike Muzeja za umjetnost i obrt, Zagreb, Zagreb, 2004, p. 142.

Citation of this web page:

Marina  Bagarić "The Four Continents" in Discover Baroque Art , Museum With No Frontiers, 2019.;BAR;hr;Mus11;44;en&id=porcelain

Prepared by: Marina BagarićMarina Bagarić

SURNAME: Bagaric
NAME: Marina

AFFILIATION: Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, Croatia

TITLE: Senior Curator, Head of the Ceramics Collection and Architecture

Marina Bagaric studied Art History and Russian Language and Literature at Zagreb University, and was awarded her MA in the History of Architecture in 2006. She has been a curator at the Museum of Arts and Crafts since 1998, and since 2004, a Senior Curator and head of the Ceramics Collection and Architecture Department. She has curated exhibitions of contemporary Croatian ceramics, and is author and contributing author of various articles and catalogues associated with the Museum’s exhibitions: Art Nouveau in Croatia (2003), Tuscan Donations (2004) and Hidden Treasures from the Holdings of the Museum of Arts and Crafts (2005/6).

Translation by: Graham McMaster
Translation copyedited by: Mandi Gomez

MWNF Working Number: HR 44

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