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Name of Object:

'Saz'-style drawing of a dragon amid foliage


New York, United States of America

Holding Museum:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Hegira c. 946–57 / AD c. 1540–50

Type of object:


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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Ink, opaque watercolour, and gold on paper


Painting: H: 17.3cm, W: 27.2cm; Mat: H: 40.6cm, W: 55.9cm; Frame: H: 43.2cm, W: 58.4cm

Period / Dynasty:



Istanbul, Turkey


The mid‑sixteenth century saw the flourishing of the so‑called saz style—characterized by the depiction of stylised, serrated leaf foliage, often paired with fantastic creatures including dragons and phoenixes. This imagery appears on Ottoman art in a variety of media, including textiles. This magnificent dragon drawing is ascribed to the master of the style, Shah Quli, an artist who emigrated from Iran to Istanbul and became head of the royal atelier under Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent.

How Object was obtained:

Bequest of Cora Timken Burnett, 1956

Artist: Shah Quli, Turkish, born Tabriz, Iran, active ca. mid-16th century

Former owner: Cora Timken Burnett, Alpine, NJ (by 1940–d. 1956; bequeathed to MMA)

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bequest of Cora Timken Burnett, 1956

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