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Name of Object:

The Nightmare of Zahhak. Miniature from the Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp


Doha, Qatar

Holding Museum:

Museum of Islamic Art


Hegira 10th century / AD first half of 16th century

Type of object:


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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Opaque Watercolour, Gold, Paper, Ink


Height: 47.2cm, Width: 32.1cm

Period / Dynasty:



Iran, Tabriz


This illustration is from the famous Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp I (r.1524-1576 AD). The particular scene shows an episode in the life of the evil king Zahhak. After making a deal with the devil to usurp the throne from his father, Zahhak was cursed with two serpents that grew from his shoulders and fed on human brains. In the scene, a distressed perspective of the architecture reflects his frightened state of mind.

Selected bibliography:

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