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Name of Object:

Noah’s Ark


Copenhagen, Denmark

Holding Museum:

The David Collection


Hegira c. 830 / AD c. 1425

Type of object:

Miniature from Hafiz-i Abru’s Majma' al-tawarikh, manuscript

Museum Inventory Number:

Inv.no. 8/2005

Period / Dynasty:



Iran (Afghanistan), Herat


Timur’s son Shah Rukh ordered the historian Hafiz-i Abru to write a continuation of Rashid al-Din’s history of the world, Jami`al-tawarikh.

The style of the miniatures is slightly old-fashioned compared with the otherwise refined Timurid painting, but the scene on the stormy sea is quite dramatic, with the fluttering sail, the ark breaking out of the picture frame, and the swollen bodies.

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