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Name of Object:

Fragmentary decorative plaque


Athens, Greece

Holding Museum:

Benaki Museum


Hegira 2nd century / AD 8th century

Type of object:

Plaque, ivory

Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Ivory, carved


15 cm X 7 cm

Period / Dynasty:



Egypt or Syria


The fragmentary plaque is carved in high relief allowing the decoration to stand in depth. Its main decoration consists of a vine scroll with five-lobed leaves, bunches of grapes with birds and a hare. A hole on the upper left side suggests that it was attached on to a larger object such as a piece of furniture.

The ornamentation is strongly related to the decorative vocabulary of the late Umayyad architectural decoration such as the façade of the palace of Mshatta.

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