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Name of Object:



Istanbul, Turkey

Holding Museum:

Vehbi Koç Foundation Sadberk Hanim Museum


6th century BC

Type of object:


Museum Inventory Number:

SHM 8640-HK 4111

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Glass; core-formed


Height: 2.40cm, Width: 1.50cm

Period / Dynasty:

Greek Archaic Period


East Mediterranean


This tiny core-formed glass pendant represents a male head with opaque black face, pointed chin, yellow fleshy lips, black bulbous nose, black pupils on white ground and black ears decorated above and below with white earrings. A yellow spot is applied to the centre of the forehead. The broken suspension loop on top of the head has been restored. During the 6th century BC, similar pendants were produced in Syria, Cyprus and in the port city of Carthage. Formerly in the collection of Hüseyin Kocabaş.

Current Owner:

Hüseyin Kocabaş (as a collector)

How date and origin were established:

By stylistic analysis and material dating

How Object was obtained:

Purchased from a private collection.

Selected bibliography:

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