Name of Object:

Sedan chair


Dubrovnik, Dubrovačko-neretvanska County, Croatia

Holding Museum:

Dubrovnik Cultural History Museum


Mid-18th century

Type of object:




Museum Inventory Number:

DM 8/P

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Carved and gilded wood, paintings (oil on wood panel), leather, damask (silk), galloons, fringes, brass plate, glass

Place of production:

Naples (?)


H: 175 cm; w: 84 cm; d: 98.5 cm


The sedan chair is a typical shape, with an S-curve back, a door at the front and a graceful roof. The slender gilt structural framework, which is curved and mobile, has moderate carved volutes and leaf and shell motifs. The door and sides are equipped with glazed apertures, which open by lowering. The remaining surfaces are light green with the edges painted with a dignified garland of multicoloured flowers. Painted on the upper panel of the chair-back is the Dubrovnik-based patrician Zamagna family’s coat of arms. The graceful roof, covered with black leather, secures with a decorative edging of brass. There are two fitments for the shafts on the sides. The interior has one seat located at the rear. Like the cushion, the seat upholstery is red silk damask. The curtains are white silk damask enhanced with haberdashery trimmings.

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How date and origin were established:

By stylistic analysis and comparative method.

How Object was obtained:

Purchased from the Ragusan nobleman, Riko Zamagna, in 1945(?)

Selected bibliography:

Vilać, P., Sedan Chairs and Clothes in the Museum Collection of the Rector's Palace, Zagreb, 1993.

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Translation by: Graham McMaster
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