Name of Object:

Coin (dinar)


Raqqada, Kairouan, Tunisia

Holding Museum:

Museum of Islamic Art


Hegira 192 / AD 808

Type of object:

Coin, gold

Museum Inventory Number:

M 200

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Gold, engraved.


Diameter 1.9 cm, weight 4.2 grams

Period / Dynasty:





Circular coin, engraved with simple kufic characters in the Aghlabid style. The text is contained within two circles, the inner plain and the outer cross-hatched.
Obverse: 'In the name of Allah. This dinar was minted in the year 192 [AD 808]. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Ghalaba.'
Reverse: 'It is He who has sent His messenger with the virtuous path and the true religion, so that it will triumph over all other religions. There is no God but Allah the One God. He is without equal.'
This Aghlabid dinar, although retaining the characteristics of Abbasid coinage, reflects the autonomy of the new dynasty by including the name of the reigning prince and the word 'ghalaba', (emblem of the emirate), which remains engraved on Aghlabid coins until the advent of the Fatimids. The fine coins minted by the Aghlabids were widely used in Mediterranean commerce. The coins were mostly engraved by hammering, although chasing was used for motifs requiring great finesse.

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How date and origin were established:

The year (192 / 808) is engraved on the coin.

How Object was obtained:

When the Museum of Islamic Art at Raqqada was opened this coin, among others, was chosen to create a coin room.

How provenance was established:

The word 'dinar', the year minted and the word 'ghalaba' (the emblem of the emirate) are engraved on the coin. This dinar was doubtless minted in the money workshops of Kairouan.

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Né en 1953 à Kairouan, docteur en archéologie islamique, Mourad Rammah est le conservateur de la médina de Kairouan. Lauréat du prix Agha Khan d'architecture, il publie divers articles sur l'histoire de l'archéologie médiévale islamique en Tunisie et participe à différentes expositions sur l'architecture islamique. De 1982 à 1994, il est en charge du département de muséographie du Centre des arts et des civilisations islamiques. Mourad Rammah est également directeur du Centre des manuscrits de Kairouan.

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