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Name of Object:

Silk lampas robe


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Holding Museum:

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia


Hegira 1st-2nd century/ AD 7th-8th century

Type of object:


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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Stitched and woven with fine red, green, blue and cream silk threads


143 x 263cm


Central Asia


This monumental silk lampas robe from Sogdiana, carbon dated to the seventh to eighth century, has raised theories regarding its role and function. In religious context, this silk fabric was known to wrap religious text or relics, and bodies for burial purposes. In diplomatic relation, the weft fabric functioned as diplomatic gifts, or tailored into costumes for government officials. This silk robe presents us an image of the luxurious textiles traded between China, Central Asia and Persia.

The Sassanians used to weave their own designs on silk - elaborate repeating motifs of heraldic animal and human elements with interlocking plant enclosed within a pearl-like roundel - which achieved popularity in Central Asia. The Sogdians are known to weave motifs specific to their target market by appealing to ethnic and culture, religious purposes or the ruling elite. By the eighth century, Sassanian motifs were brought into being as both imported goods and locally-produced reproduction especially from Sogdiana.

Selected bibliography:

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