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Name of Object:

An Italian cartoon in support of Ahmad Urabi's movement against foreign control of Egypt's finances

Name in original language:

Arabi Pascia e John Bull


Rome, Italy

Holding Museum:

State Library of Modern and Contemporary History

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Biblioteca di Storia Moderna e Contemporanea



Type of object:

Drawing in a newspaper


Ahmad Urabi was an Egyptian colonel of peasant origins who led a revolt in 1879-1882 aimed at eliminating foreign control of Egypt finances and establishing constitutional limits to the khedive’s authority. John Bull is a national personification of the United Kingdom.
Caption: “Be careful, merchant! Despite your cannons, your ships and your money, I will be able to teach you that in places where true love for one’s country flourishes, people can make heroic miracles in order to defend their homeland!”
Part of the Italian public opinion sided with the Egyptians, against the British, since it likened Egyptian struggle with Italian struggle for national unification and self determination. Ironically, however, precisely in 1882 Italy occupied Massawa, on the Red Sea, and started its colonial expansion.

Archival or Bibliographical Reference:

L’Epoca, 6–7 luglio 1882

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