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Name of Object:

Confronted animal rug


New York, United States of America

Holding Museum:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Hegira 7th century / AD 14th century

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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Wool (warp, weft, and pile); symmetrically knotted pile

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When this rug was discovered, its unusual design of confronted animals with smaller animals within was otherwise known only in a rug depicted in a Sienese painting of about 1410, The Marriage of the Virgin, in the collection of the National Gallery, London. The pattern of the rug in the painting, partially obscured by standing figures, was not comprehensible without this example. The purchase, hailed in carpet-collecting circles, brought one of the best preserved, earliest Turkish carpets in the world to the Museum. The field design probably derives from medieval textiles patterned with single or paired animals in compartments.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Purchase, Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, Louis V. Bell Fund and Fletcher, Pfeiffer and Rogers Funds, 1990

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