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Name of Object:

Weaving shuttle


Amman, Jordan

Holding Museum:

The Jordan Museum


1000-539 BCE

Type of object:

Weaving shuttle

Museum Inventory Number:

JMA 2563

Material(s) / Technique(s):



L: 6cm

Period / Dynasty:

Iron Age II


A tool designed to neatly and compactly store weft yarn while weaving. To weave the weft, shuttles are passed back and forth through the 'shed', the threads of the warp.

Current Owner:

Department of Antiquities

How date and origin were established:

The excavation team in Dayer 'Alla dated this tool based on the pottery found in the near vicinity.

How Object was obtained:


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Najd Sweidan "Weaving shuttle" in [Discover Carpet Art] , Museum With No Frontiers, 2018. http://www.museumwnf.org/thematicgallery/thg_galleries/database_item.php?itemId=objects;DCA;jo;Mus31_B;13;en&id=archaeological_objects

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