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Name of Object:

Iron awl


Amman, Jordan

Holding Museum:

The Jordan Museum


600-332 BCE

Type of object:

Iron awl

Museum Inventory Number:

JMA 2884

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Iron and Deer antler


L: 12cm, W: 1cm

Period / Dynasty:

Iron Age II


Iron point awl with a handle made of a branch of deer antler. Awls are used for piercing and fibre manipulation. The holes created by an awl may be used as a guide for thread.

Current Owner:

Department of Antiquities

How date and origin were established:

The excavation team in Dayer 'Alla dated this tool based on the pottery found in the near vicinity.

How Object was obtained:


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Najd Sweidan "Iron awl" in [Discover Carpet Art] , Museum With No Frontiers, 2018. http://www.museumwnf.org/thematicgallery/thg_galleries/database_item.php?itemId=objects;DCA;jo;Mus31_B;10;en&id=archaeological_objects

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