Photograph: Srecko Budek,  © Muzej za umjetnost i obrt

Name of Object:

Tekke Ensi


Zagreb, Croatia

Holding Museum:

Museum of Arts and Crafts


19th century

Type of object:


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Material(s) / Technique(s):

Wool; knotted carpet; asymmetrical knots


H: 143cm, W: 110cm




This carpet was made by the Turkoman nomad tribe Tekke. The term ensi refers to decorative yurt (tent) door hanging, in which many elements of the ornamental design were protective symbols introduced to ward off evil spirits.
The central field is divided into three panels along the vertical axis. The upper and lower panels have the same decoration. The central column divides panels in quarters. The column is decorated with “curled leaf” motifs separated by vertical bands with bovrek (bud) motifs. Each quarter is filled with a gush (bird) pattern arranged in horizontal rows. The central horizontal panel is decorated with “curled leaf” motifs separated by horizontal bands with kochak (ram's horns) motifs. Upper transverse band is intercepted in the middle by the mihrab (prayer niche) arch flanked by straight lattice design of oblongs and triangles. Above this transverse band there is another one with the variation of kelle (head) motif. The central border is decorated with variation of the gapyrga (ribs) motif. The inner border is decorated with kochak motifs. The outer border is decorated with the sainak motif. This type of border is a very common outer border on ensis. The minor border is the soldat border or guard stripe, a very common minor border. The base panel carries a small geometrical design.

How date and origin were established:

By stylistic analysis

How Object was obtained:

Purchased from Nikola Buchsbaum, Zagreb, Croatia

How provenance was established:

By stylistic analysis

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Andrea Klobučar "Tekke Ensi" in [Discover Carpet Art] , Museum With No Frontiers, 2019.;DCA;hr;Mus31;5;en&id=amulets_and_talismans

Prepared by: Andrea Klobučar
Translation by: Petra Milovac

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