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Name of Object:



`Ayn Najm, Lebanon

Holding Museum:

Lebanese Heritage Museum


19th century

Type of object:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Marble; mosaic




A water fountain that was used in Ottoman councils in Lebanon. Whenever a meeting was held, the water circulation was turned on so that anyone from the exterior trying to spy on them or overhear them would only hear the trickle of the water. The fountain is centred with an octagon of marble from which emanates the main source of water. The exterior boundaries take the shape of an elevated square having in the middle of each elevation side an embossed semi-cylinder, creating by that an artistic shape. The external boundaries are covered with a mosaic of marble in different shapes, sizes and colours (white, black, beige and brown) creating geometric patterns. From the top of the circular parts of the boundaries emanate secondary water sources.

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