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Name of Object:

Dawud Pasha’s living room


`Ayn Najm, Lebanon

Holding Museum:

Lebanese Heritage Museum



Type of object:

Furniture; woodwork

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Woodwork; bone; ceramic; silk




The living room of the first Ottoman mutasarrif (ruler) of the mutasarrifiyya of Mount Lebanon Dawud Pasha (ruled 1861–1868). It is a very special set of furniture, consisting of four armchairs and one large sofa with a high wooden back and large arms. The wood is all covered with a pernickety mosaic of bone and ceramic in different colours such as white, beige and brown, done following a mixture of floral and geometric patterns. The seats are topped with a fancy navy and beige silk equally having a pattern that is a mixture of geometric and floral shapes. Dawud Pasha never sat on the large sofa; he used to sit in a regular armchair and make his guests sit on the sofa. At first it may appear as a sign of respect and hospitality, but in fact it was the exact opposite. He wanted to show his guests how humble and “small” they are; too small to fit the seat. The set is embellished with two identical glass lanterns covered with paintings of white flowers and golden curves, and a round copper centre table.

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