National Museum of Archaeology

Lisbon, Portugal

© Carlos Diniz/MNA,2014

The National Museum of Archaeology (MNA) was founded in 1893 by José Leite de Vasconcelos as the Museum of the Portuguese People, “attempting to bring together material elements of culture that […] will define the character traits of our people”. The MNA accumulated remarkable holdings encompassing different themes: archaeology, ethnography, gold and silverware, coins and medals, pre-Latin and Latin epigraphy, sculpture, written documentation, mosaics and physical anthropology. It also boasts archaeological and ethnographic “comparative collections” (Ancient Egypt and the Portuguese Royal House), along with different legacies and donations. The bulk of its holdings includes vast collections of Portuguese archaeology from the pre- and protohistoric, Roman, Arab and medieval periods.

Praça do Império
1400-206 Lisboa
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Museum Director
António Carvalho
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Coordinator of Communication and Projects Department
Mário Nuno Antas
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