Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum

Ankara, Turkey

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The Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum houses a diverse collection of artefacts unearthed in Anatolia.

The collection was born out of the decades-long passion that Yüksel Erimtan has for archaeology. A civil engineer by training, Yüksel Erimtan began acquiring archaeological artefacts in the 1960s while working on construction projects in the south of Turkey near the city of Tarsus. Ancient jewellery comprised the first pieces of his collection. Working closely with qualified archaeologists, he began widening his collection by focusing on coins, seal stones, glass, and ceramic objects.

In 1996, Yüksel Erimtan founded the Association of Collectors of Cultural Assets out of concern about smuggling abroad of Anatolian cultural heritage and mindful of the importance of exhibiting to the public privately held collections. He became the Chairman of the Association which has a mission to promote, protect and conserve historical artefacts unearthed in Turkey.

The Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum is a private institution devoted not only to showcase Yüksel Erimtan’s collection of Anatolian archaeological artefacts but it is also a cultural centre of arts.

A multi-purpose exhibition hall offers space for temporary exhibitions and scientific, cultural and artistic activities and musical concerts. The museum aims to serve as a live and effective organism with its education programs, designed for all ages, but especially children. The museum library provides a rich academic environment for researchers and inquisitive minds alike. One can find unique surprises at the gift shop as well as culinary delights in the cafe.

Standing near the entrance to the historic Ankara Castle, the museum is housed in a newly renovated building whose scale and facade adheres contextually to its historic surrounding. The museum’s construction provided an opportunity to rehabilitate three abandoned buildings and their grounds in the historic district of Ankara Castle (Ankara’s Historical Fortification Square).

The visiting halls narrate in a relatively more contemporary environment stories behind each ancient object that pull the visitors into another time. Curatorial activities of the Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum is currently carried out by Gül Pulhan and Adrian Saunders with the participation of Selma Ünal. Prof. Ayşen Savaş is an exhibition designer. The architects are Can Aker and Onur Yüncü.

Opening its doors in the first quarter of 2015, the Museum should contribute and promote Turkey’s cultural heritage and become a focal point in Ankara’s cultural and artistic life.

Kale Mh. Gozcu Sk. No: 10
06230 Altındağ, Ankara
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Museum Educator
Ezgi Ozdemir
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Events Coordinator
Pelin Okvuran
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