Greater Amman Municipality

Amman, Jordan

Jordan Museum and the City Hall Hussein Cultural Centre Amman Institute

Leading Amman to be organised, modern, smart, safe, and attractive. A friendly and liveable city with a soul that is proud of its heritage and authenticity.

Our goal is to provide high quality excellent municipal services focused on the environment, health, organisation and infrastructural dimensions of the city. Our mission is to promote the character, cultural heritage, development and community of the City of Amman. This will be achieved with good planning, optimal investment of resources and continual partnerships with stakeholders.

Ras-Alain / Omar Matar Street, 132
Amman 11118
T +962 6 4636111
F +962 6 4649420

Advisor for Projects & International Cooperation, Office of the Mayor of Amman
Nisreen Al Araj
T +962 79 9042167
F +962 6 4649420

Project Coordinator, City Manager Office
Rula Khashman
T +962 79 9054092
F +962 6 4649420

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