State Castles and Gardens Baden-Württemberg

Bruchsal, Germany

© SSG, photo by Achim Mende

The SSG is in charge of the preservation, management, presentation and marketing of the most important palaces, gardens, castles and monasteries owned by the State of Baden-Württemberg and conducts scientific research as well as providing educational offers. It was founded in 1987 and is an unincorporated public institution within the state enterprise Assets and Construction Baden Württemberg, which belongs to the state’s Ministry of Finance. Approximately 150 staff members and 230 seasonal workers located in one central and 11 decentralised administration units take care of 60 historic monuments in total.

Schlossraum, 22a
76646 Bruchsal
T +49 72 51 74 27 70
F +49 72 51 74 27 11

Bereich Objektmanagement und historische Gärten (Department of Property Management and Historic Gardens)
Hartmut Troll
T +49 72 51 74 27 41
F +49 72 51 74 27 11

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