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“Discover Baroque Art” now online
    Museums, Universities and Cultural Heritage Authorities from eight European countries – Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia – have contributed to this, the second Permanent Collection in the MWNF Virtual Museum.

“Discover Baroque Art” was launched on 21 January 2010 after a five-year preparation period. Since February 2005, the partners have come together six times to discuss and jointly define each aspect of the Baroque Collection: the selection and interrelation of the artefacts and monuments on display, their cultural and historical contextualisation, updating of the database in order to meet the requirements of the new Collection and cross-cultural accessibility of all texts.

The Baroque Permanent Collection will present 350 artefacts from the collections of the participating museums, together with 280 monuments from all eight countries. “Discover Baroque Art” juxtaposes less well known highlights of the European Baroque with universally known works of art.

Descriptions are in English and for most countries also in the local language. In the first phase, “Discover Baroque Art” will include a Permanent Collection, a Database with both guided and open-search facilities, as well as a “My Museum” tool that enables visitors to create their own collections. A cycle of nine Virtual Exhibitions will be launched in spring 2011.

Discover Baroque Art – which is entirely self-financed by each partner – builds on the infrastructure of the highly successful MWNF Virtual Museum, which was constructed for the “Discover Islamic Art” Permanent Collection and Temporary Exhibitions.

Brussels, January – July 2010