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MWNF Educational Guide (Discover Islamic Art)
    The MWNF Educational Guide is a holistic educational manual designed for the MWNF website to be used by a vast range of audience interested in Islamic art, culture and heritage.

A team of six experts from six Arab countries has developed educational concepts that provide a general framework for the use of the website in classrooms, seminars and by individual scholars. The guide provides tools that assist in designing MWNF custom lessons which will encourage inquiry, investigation and complex thinking ability. The guide is not a text book or a direct content based resource. Rather, it strives to be a methodology adopted for a broad range of activities that could be easily modified by educators according to their age groups, geographical location and historical timeline as well as to serve their needs and purpose.

The Guide is available in two formats: paperback through Amazon and eBook through Apple iBook store (just enter “MWNF” in the search field).

In cooperation with the League of Arab States.