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Turkish Coffee

Posted by Ömer Usta Kahveci, Izmir
Posted on 05-03-2010
Ingredients Turkish coffee
cold water
Pour cold water into the coffee pot. Use one cup of cold water for each cup you are making plus another half cup. Add a teaspoonful of ground Turkish coffee per cup to the cold water and stir. Add sugar to taste.

Heat the pot slowly. When the water boils, pour some of the coffee equally between the cups, filling each cup by about a quarter or a third. This gives everyone a share of the foam forming on top of the pot, which gives the coffee much of its flavour. Continue heating until the coffee boils again, then pour the rest of the coffee into the cups.

Wait for a few minutes before drinking to let the coffee grounds settle at the bottom of the cup.

An alternative method, if you don’t have a coffee pot, is to put coffee into a cup and mix with cold water and sugar. Place the cup on the burner on the hob and heat slowly until the coffee foams.