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Krásná Pálava / Café Fara
South Moravia (Czech Republic)

Brno is the regional capital of the South Moravian Region and the second largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague. Since time immemorial, Brno has been recognized as a centre of culture, business and education, and a junction of trade routes. Thanks to its ideal location in the middle of Europe and its wide selection of historical monuments and other points of interest, Brno is a sought-out tourist and business destination – but not all representative businesses are situated in the city and you can enjoy an extraordinary coffee experience even outside the metropolis!
Krásná Pálava is a café in sensitively restored building on the site of a former Late Baroque rectory dating from the period of Joseph II’s rule (late 18th century) in the picturesque South Moravian village of Klentnice u Mikulova, in the foothills of the Pavlovské Hills. It will surprise you with its authentic rustic atmosphere, own blend of coffee and friendly staff.
The wine-making village of Klentnice is located in an area that has been inhabited almost continuously since the Bronze Age. Tabulová Mountain and Kotel are the most significant of the archaeological sites that have been protected. The name of the village indicates the original Slavonic settlement. Ruins of the Sirotčí (Orphan’s) Castle from the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries tower above the village. A wayside cross on the way to Pavlov, St. George’s Church, the Rectory, and statues of Saint Florian and John of Nepomuk are also protected historical monuments. St. George’s Church seen toady dates from 1783–85.
Pálava is one of the longest-settled places in the Czech lands, a symbol of the South Moravian region and the ancient cultures of Moravia. It is here where the camps of prehistoric mammoth hunters were discovered, unique in the world, crowned by the famous discovery of a ceramic statuette of the Venus of Dolní Věstonice. Romans originally called today’s Pálava “Sylva Lunae” – Moon Forest and later “Mons Veneris” – Venus’s Mountain. On Pálava’s northern edge, a Roman military camp from the 2nd century AD has been preserved. In 2003, Pálava became part of the UNESCO Lower Moravia Biosphere Reserve.
The Pálava Protected Landscape Area is one of South Moravia’s unique places, a landscape of fruitful vineyards and rocky prairies, in whose foothills you can find our café. Stop by, sit down, relax and enjoy our specialties: coffee fara, Greek yogurt with honey and nuts and Parisian cake, or take a stroll above the vineyards and, warmed by the sun, stop at our wine cellar and savour the best from what our slopes have yielded.


Krásná Pálava / Café Fara
Klentnice 166
692 02 South Moravia
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 602 703 211
Website address:

Contact Person: Džiuban Radek

Specialties of Krásná Pálava / Café Fara

Rectory coffee
Greek yogurt with honey and nuts
Parisian cake