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Café Versailles
Lisbon (Portugal)

Versailles opened its doors on 25 November 1922 with the purpose of becoming a symbol of fashionable and elegant eating and socialising in Lisbon, with its stucco decorated and painted ceilings, mirrors and crystal chandeliers. Today, the café and restaurant maintains its façade almost intact, winning it the prestigious award of Classified Building by Lisbon City Council.

A visit to Versailles will allow you to participate in the conviviality and eating habits of the Portuguese. We love to have breakfast out, so please keep us company in the morning at the Versailles counter. Coffee, small (bica) or big (double or abatanado), with or without milk is de rigueur. To go with coffee, bread with cheese or ham, a salgado (a savoury pastry generally fried, an Arab inheritance) or a cake (a small muffin, the queque, or perhaps our famous pastel de nata, an egg custard tart). Don't be shy, Portuguese are very liberal at breakfast and everything you see at the counter is “allowed”.

At lunchtime, the Portuguese like to sit down and eat seriously. Join us at one of Versailles tables and choose a steak or fish from its very classical menu.

And then it's time for lanche, the mid-afternoon break, when we indulge our sweet tooth. Come and sit with us for coffee, tea, milk or fruit shakes and a lot of chitchat. Order toasted bread, generously buttered, and indulge in our myriad of cakes. In Versalhes they all taste of the good natural products that we use. Our tradition comes from the Arab presence (from the 8th to the 13th century), Jewish influence and the precious work of our nuns in the monasteries. You will have to come back again and again and again to try all our delicious varieties. Hope to see you soon.

Fátima Moura


Address: Av. da Republica nº 15 A
1050-185 Lisbon, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 3546340

Contact Person: Paulo Gonçalves or António Marques

Specialties of Café Versailles

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