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The Discover Baroque Art Virtual Museum’s start in Brno

By Marek Pokorný, Brno, Czech Republic

For the Moravian Gallery in Brno (Czech Republic) the several years of cooperation in the Discover Baroque Art project have been a challenge, but often also a pleasure, accompanied with expectations of the result, which is now just opening before your eyes without any geographic or other frontiers obstructing anyone’s way to knowledge. I will never forget the first working meeting that took place here in Brno, and was hosted by the Moravian Gallery. The initial group of colleagues and initiators, headed by Eva Schubert, always full of enthusiasm and energy, was enlarged, in the course of time, by other people and institutions. No matter how the extent and reach of our intent expanded, its original objective has remained unchanged: To interconnect information and contexts relating to Baroque art, to strengthen the awareness of coherence and to restitute or, in some cases, to develop the sense and feeling of integrity that has always been immanent to European culture and art, despite all the historical re-drawing of the maps, drawn sometimes by reasons of emancipation or, on the contrary, by brutally implemented power. I really do appreciate that new technologies allow to indicate potential wholes in today’s so fragmented world, in which the knowledge of tradition and of the past helps to understand the others, but first of all oneself.