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Photograph: Milan Drmić

Parish Church of St. George and St. Euphemia
Župna crkva sv. Eufemije
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Rovinj, Istria County, Croatia

1724–1736 (church); 1739–1741 (Tagliapietra workshop altars); 1654–1680 (bell tower)
Religious, parish church and interior furnishing
Bell tower: A. Manopola [n.d.]; church: Giovanni Dozzi [n.d.]; sculptures on several altars: Alvise Tagliapietra (1670–1747) and his sons Ambrogio (b. 1701) and Giuseppe (b. 1711); stuccowork: G. Lattuga [n.d.]; (choir and congregation stalls) G. Besenghi "Napolachi"; organ: A. Barbini; silver antependium: Antonio Scarabella d'Este
The church is located at the highest point of the one-time islet on which the settlement of Rovinj developed, creating together with the packed core of the old town, an extremely harmonious and picturesque unit. The campanile by A. Manopola was built between 1654 and 1680, and the church, nave and two aisles by Giovanni Dozzi Alvise between 1724 and 1736. The unique architecture and valuable furnishings place this church among the finest religious structures in this area of the Croatian Adriatic.

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