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In Commemoration

With grateful attachment we remember our colleagues

Lakhdar DRIAS
1952 - 2017

In his position as the director of Algeria's National Museum of Antiquities, Lakhdar Drias was the driving force behind Algeria's participation in "Discover Islamic Art". His humanity, intellectual generousity and enthusiasm made him the unwavering pillar of a fantastic cooperation, providing guidance on all levels for Algeria's contribution to the project. Lakhdar Drias was distinguished by his outstanding management skills and an unstinting support for his team and collaborators.

See here for Lakhdar Drias' bibliography
1943 – 2016

Ambassador Fathy El Shazly is part of the history of MWNF and without his generous support many things would have been impossible. He was with us since the beginning, when his vote for MWNF in his position as Egypt's Assistant Foreign Minister for European Affairs determined our first contract with the European Commission in 1998. Since 2007 he supported MWNF as a member of our Honorary Committee. In 2010 it was him who made the contact between MWNF and the League of Arab States, which culminated in December of the same year with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. He encouraged the realisation of Sharing History as a MWNF contribution after the events of the Arab Spring and, most recently, encouraged us to persevere in bringing more Arab countries on board of MWNF through the new MWNF Galleries project.

Until the last moment Ambassador Fathy El Shazly fought for his ideas of tolerance, openness and dialogue. He had the courage to speak when others kept silent and to stay up when others remained seated.

MWNF lost a pillar and a wonderful friend. Egypt lost one of its most brilliant diplomats.

In Ambassador Fathy El-Shazly's memory we will continue building MWNF as a place of hope through better understand of art and history.
1972 – 2007

From 2004 until her untimely death in 2007 Ghada was the pillar of MWNF in Jordan and a central person of reference for all our colleagues in the Middle East. Her shining personality and amazing optimism, and her availability and readiness to help wherever and whenever needed, despite her serious illness and related physical limitations, leave a void that can hardly be filled.
1948 – 2003

As the project coordinator on behalf of Mishkenot sha’anaim (Jerusalem) Anna was in charge of Israeli participation in the project Exhibition Trails Islamic Art in the Mediterranean until political developments in the region led to an interruption of this cooperation. Tragic circumstances brought about her early death in 2003.